August 31st, 2001

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one of these days...

Gack! Ever since Francine acquired a livejournal username, I've had "Theory Boys" stuck in my head. For anyone not keeping score at home, Francine is now theory_girl. I'll probably randomly call her by both pseudonyms. And I should update my Pseudonym Directory, which I don't link to or mess with nearly often enough. Especially since I think it still makes reference to several now-defunct relationships. Oops. I think I'll go fix that.

Oh, and Elly is coming to Boston this weekend. There may be ManRay in her honor, but it'll be a last-minute decision, so I'm not announcing anything. Actually, I'm kinda hoping for the stay-home and gossip evening plans, 'cause both Elly and I are lousy correspondents and I have no idea what she's been up to.
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    "Theory Boys", by Liz Nickrenz
periodic table

Polka changed my life today?

Sometimes, there are some really weird court cases and verdicts:
Man Sentenced to listen to polka music. (Off of the Boston Globe's copy of the AP news wire, dunno how long it'll stay put.)

It just reminded me of all of the times I'd tune into WRUW to listen to the Polka Changed My Life Today radio show, and smirk as I turned it up to blaring just 'cause it's fun to startle people. I often did likewise with classical or other random instrumental music. :)

Oh, cool, they just got a buff transmitter at WRUW. Now if I'm ever at home, maybe I'll be able to pick it up without driving closer to downtown. And their slogan is still "More Music, Fewer Hits". (Actually, I think it used to be "more music, less hits", but someone must have pointed out the error of their ways^H^H^H^Hgrammar.) And they've got an online feed. I think I'm in heaven.

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    it would be WRUW, but I don't have headphones here.