August 29th, 2001

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"These used to be good strong hands..." (approximate quote from The Never-Ending Story)

I think I figured out what I did to my hands, although I'm not quite sure how. It's distinctly not a standard cycling hand injury. (Those are characterized by numbness and tingling, especially in the little and ring fingers. I've gotten that before from cycling with my hybrid bike, which has a different hand position than my new road bike.) This time, I think I have skier's thumb, previously called "gamekeeper's thumb" before falling while holding ski poles became a more common pastime than wrenching the necks of small birds. It took me a while to find anything sounding remotely like what I did to my hands, since every online site describing the hands seems to concentrate on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome to the exclusion of any other hand injuries.

I don't think I injured my hands that badly (skier's/gamekeeper's thumb can refer to anything from a sprain to a complete tear, and, if I'd actually torn rather than sprained, I'd have trouble using my hands at all, rather than just pain while using them), and some of the pain is due just to minor bruising across my entire hands, so all should be okay. I'm just whining, since that's what journals are good for, right?

And I found out my knees were sore because my seat is too low (I know it's too low, I'm just not going to fix it until I'm good enough with the clipless pedals that I'm not worried about falling over at stoplights), and that otherwise, I seem to be doing everything right to avoid repetitive-use injuries from cycling. My hands appear to be a freak problem. Sigh.

Anyone know where to get those squeeze-balls for strengthening hands without going to a doctor?
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