July 23rd, 2001

periodic table

I have a draft!

Draft is in full-fledged form and sent to both bosses. Now they can pick it apart and drive me crazy, but it's at least in a form where they can give _concrete_ suggestions rather than just being like "write something". It's got pretty equations and graphs and tables and flowcharts and I really, really need to learn to use LaTeX, because I don't ever want to get this cozy with Clippy ever again. Brr.
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periodic table

...I wish it all made sense...

I'm flying high on something beautiful and aimless
It has a name but I prefer to call it nameless
It comes and goes and leaves me on a bed of splinters
Feels like I'm living in a town closed down for winter
-Lightning Seeds

(It's not nearly as bad as it was the last time I can remember using that song as my .plan, but it hurts. And that song actually always speaks to me, for good or for ill.)
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    "Sense", by the Lightning Seeds, in my head.