July 16th, 2001

periodic table


It just really hit me that I'm giving a real, published conference paper in a little over two weeks. I saw my abstract on the program and it made it real. It'll be almost all my writing and presenting, although I'm only one of a zillion names on the paper. (But that's what research assistants are for -- churning out paper...) And maybe I should buy a suit. I'm never quite clear about women's business fashion, and it generally looks silly on me, but I should get some more of it, since it's a weeklong conference, and although I'll only be presenting on one day, I have to shmooze for the rest of it.

And I'll have a week in Quebec City on a (frugal, but existant) expense account. Ack! I'll either have a ball or freak out and get insanely lonely. Most likely both.
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