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antimony's Journal
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Wednesday, June 13th, 2001

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Thank you, Kevin Costner?
A while back, I heard a rumor that the project I worked on at NASA had been cancelled due to funding cutbacks, so I went net-crawling to see if I could turn up that news. I couldn't find any cancellation notice, but I did dig up the amusing fact that the subcontractor that NASA used for the flywheel design, US Flywheels owes its existence to Kevin Costner. (The company founders/chief engineer-people had another company; it folded, but KC forked over massive funding for them to try again, just because he's pro-environment, and flywheels offer the possibility for lower-environmental-impact methods of storing huge amounts of energy. Better than lead-acid batteries, at least.) It's just somewhat bizarre, and he's done this with *very* little recognition. (I.e. he's not doing it to look all charitable -- the mention was a short bit in a 6-page history of US Flywheel that mostly concentrated on a layman's description of their current projects.

Just thought I'd share. Thank you, Kevin Costner.

Current Mood: amused

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