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antimony's Journal
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Monday, May 21st, 2001

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two down, and time for antimony to get some sleep...
I just had my final for the one class I'm doing well in. It went well, I think. It was also actually a reasonably fun test, especially when I finally remembered how to do the one thing I blanked on (solving a diffeq by the method of variation of parameters). That's how classes are supposed to be, damnit! A lot of work, but interesting work, with homework and tests that are relevant and enjoyable, and engaging lectures. If only the rest of the MIT faculty were as good as Prof. Space Guru, then I'd be a happy camper. (Prof. SG has been teaching this same class for a very long time. Buzz Aldrin took this class from him before he became an astronaut...)

Current Mood: accomplished
Just when...
...things were going better, I realized that I left my purse in my exam this morning. It's not in the room anymore, nor has it been turned in anywhere. Fuck. At least I have my keys in my pocket, so I can get into my apartment. But I really, really can't afford to lose that purse. My Palm, my wallet, with about $40 in cash, all my credit/atm/etc cards, some sentimental pictures, etc, my Draper badge.

I want to go home and get some sleep. But now I have to wander campus, hoping that someone actually turned it in rather than just walking off with it.

Current Mood: distressed
All is good. Some student turned my purse in to one of the offices. It seems entirely intact, including the loose cash that was at the top, so I suspect it was turned in immediately after I lost it, but that the fact that there are about 10 different people and offices that could be considered the Aero Dept. office made it hard to find where it might have gone.

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