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antimony's Journal
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Wednesday, May 16th, 2001

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Gah! I decided not to write this optional paper for this evil class because I should spend the time studying. Then I tried to study, and my notes were as incomprehensible as the prof's lectures. So I'm writing the damn paper. At least I talked to the prof and explained that I misheard the original page-length for the paper, so it's not going to be 15 pages. But I'm going for as long as possible with still sleeping tonight, since I have the exam for the evil class tomorrow.

Can you tell I'm bitter? Grr...

I'll post more when I'm not having daily nervous breakdowns. Like once exams are over...

Current Mood: busy
4 pages of background done. About 2 more to go, and then there's the stuff that's all mine, which should be at least 2 more pages. That might mean I'd actually have a paper almost as long as it's supposed to be. Whee. Of course, that requires writing four more pages. Maybe I'll go home and work there for a while, even though transferring files can be a bitch. The only danger in going home is that I might fall asleep, which I don't have time to do. Bleah.

Current Mood: working

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