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antimony's Journal
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Monday, April 23rd, 2001

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busy, busy, busy
I've been being a big slacker lately. Time to get back to work, both schoolwork and housework. Started last night, by cleaning out the really really frightening refridgerator. (An example snippet of conversation: Me:"Fractal, what's the, uh, vintage on this applesauce?" Fractal:"I got it for Hannukah." Me: "Oh.")
Now on to massive Astrodynamics catchup. At least I have the most work for the class I enjoy the most, so it's not boring, unlike a certain other class....
And my boss emailed me to get everything set up for starting work on June 1st. (Which even gives me a few days off between finals and work starting, which will be very nice.)
Back to the grindstone. Whee.

Current Mood: working
thanks, life, I needed some lemonade...
Looks like I may be forced to get in shape, which I guess is a good thing -- my job may be in Lexington for the summer, which means biking to Lexington daily.
Or my job may be in Westford, which is more difficult, since it's supposedly 20mi past Lexington, and that's a bit trickier...)

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