April 12th, 2001

periodic table


Woke up feeling really ill this morning -- got my ass out of bed and to campus in time to be late for my first class, but by the time I got there I knew I wasn't feeling well enough to go to it. I think I'll get my taxes all done this morning, so that I can at least feel good about that, and then take a nap. Hopefully, I'll be feeling up to going to a potluck at R&G's tonight (fellow SWAPAns who live in Medford). I don't think I have anything contagious -- I think my sinuses had decided it was summer from all the warm weather, and then they got very confused when it started raining.

The failed aurora trip was fun last night. I haven't done something that random in a while. It started out badly, since my homework and my ears were bothering me (I have rather flakey hearing, and it occasionally really pisses me off.), but then it got better. We didn't see any auroras, but I mostly went along 'cause a road trip sounded good, so I wasn't too disappointed.

Wow. I just checked my savings account balance -- as long as I don't get too much of my stipend eaten by taxes (they didn't withold any), I'm doing pretty well financially. (Also assuming that my monthly stipend either doesn't change or increases once I'm working for Draper/Lincoln Labs.) That makes me happy, since I've been feeling lately like I'm living far beyond my means, and I think I'm not, despite having an apartment that rocks.
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