March 1st, 2001

periodic table


I'm not sick anymore, and I'm caught up with homework, for the moment. Why am I growling?

Because I think my boss doesn't realize I *have* been dropping by Draper Labs at least once a week, just because he isn't usually in his office, and I didn't think he really needed to *see* me show up to know I'm there.

I'll talk to him tomorrow. I haven't gotten much done, but I have been toying with the code. Really, I have. I just hope he believes me and isn't annoyed that I didn't check in with him about it.

*Sigh* Even when I'm *being* competent, I look incompetent. I hate that.

At least I'm caught up enough that I can enjoy my weekend. Provided my boss doesn't kill me tomorrow, of course.
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