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antimony's Journal
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Thursday, February 22nd, 2001

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I woke up thinking "oh, shit, I'm coming down with a cold again?", but now I'm feeling fine. I think maybe I'm allergic to my hand lotion or something, since I woke up with a full-blown sinus headache with fun side effects, and it's all gone now without help from Sudafed or even herbal tea.

(Not that I mind it being gone -- I just can't figure out why it is, and how I could duplicate the feat some other time...)

It might just be stress. I do have a little too much of that, after all. And for once, coffee is actually helping me wake up.

Current Mood: re-energized
My professor thought I was smart in class! Woo hoo!

And it was because I dredged something up from the PDE (partial differential equations) class I took last spring, in which maybe I did learn something after all.

Maybe I can do this whole grad school thing after all. Maybe I should stop playing Nethack... nah, I'll just play a little more...

Current Mood: elated

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