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antimony's Journal
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Sunday, February 18th, 2001

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...let's have a ball...
Whee! English-Scottish was fabulous, as always. I got to dance in lots of cool sets, with lots of cool people. I got to meet a SWAPAn that I knew only by his 'zines, who was also a great dancer. By the end, I'd even gotten the hang of all the footwork back.

Afterwards, we tried to go to Tom Jones, but I'd forgotten how to get there, so we just got lost near Widener instead. (These people obviously are/were too trusting of my ability to have a clue. They have now been disabused of that notion.) So we all went home and decided that we'd do lunch today instead.

I went back to Francine's room to get my stuff, since I'd been told that she needed to get up early and would rather have Scribe and I find other crash space. She and Katchoo were still awake when I got in, which I hadn't expected, so we all hung out for a while. Katchoo was, oddly enough, also dressed in her Utena costume, for no apparent reason except for the fact that it's just about as normal as the rest of her wardrobe.

*yawn* We leave for Boston at 1:30, hopefully, which should put us in around 8:30, if all goes well and Conneticut doesn't eat us.

There's a very odd article sitting on the table by this computer (ML public area). It's entitled "Perl, the first postmodern computer language", and it was a speech by Larry Wall. I should show this to Francine, since she's a postmodernist and a programmer.

Current Mood: happy

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