February 16th, 2001

periodic table

greetings from Cornell...

So I'm back at Swat this weekend, writing this at one of the reference-desk computers in the science library. This is rather strange.

As we pulled off the Blue Route at the Swat/Media exit, Gelfling said "Why does this still feel like coming home?". And it does, and it's strange. It's also *good* this time, since I've gotten over the burnout and depression that had plagued my entire senior year.

It's fun being an alum, though. I was wandering Hicks (the Engineering building) and stopped to talk to one of the profs (Flo), who invited me into the lounge/boardroom that is expressly forbidden to students, to give me a cup of coffee from the coffeepot that is the reason the lounge doesn't let students in. It was rather surreal.

And I get to catch up on everyone here's gossip, which there is a little bit of, although not nearly enough. :) And I've had to give the short version of my own life a few times, which, amusingly enough, managed to shock Francine, while Elly just looked non-chalant and shared her gossip. (If you know Elly and Francine, you'd know that it used to be very hard to shock Francine, and quite easy to shock Elly.)

Whee! This is very strange. And good. I keep alternating between "what in tarnation am I doing here" and "am I late for class".
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