February 9th, 2001

periodic table

flakes and snowflakes

Walking home from the bus last night was fun -- it was absolutely gorgeous, with the snow and the grey city-lit sky. I'm finally getting used to the light pollution, too.

I was supposed to meet Hags for lunch. She didn't show, which is rather annoying, although not entirely surprising. I gave up waiting after a half hour, which might have been too little, although I think she has an afternoon class.

And I need to run away to the career fair that I wasn't going to go to, but now I am since I'm going to look for stuff for Dave.
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periodic table

*bounce* Waayyyy too much extra energy *bounce*

Lots of people seem to be having not-so-good days. That's too bad.

'Specially since I seem to have lots of extra bouncy happy energy. Wheeeeee!


Anybody want any? Plenty to share...

*wheeeee* I think it's mostly biology, though, since my almost week-long migraine is all gone. (and my libido is back, which I'm _sure_ y'all wanted to know...)

Looking forward to Jupiter's party tonight. Should be much fun, although I hope Dave's cheered up enough to have a good time at it.

*bounce* *bouncebouncebounce*

I think I'll go home and listen to 80's music and cook something. And bounce off the walls a few times every 5min or so. *boingboingboing*
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