February 2nd, 2001

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At the drop of a hat...

...Hamburg will play Age of Ren. (Hamburg is a friend from Swarthmore, who's in town on a business trip.) Fractal, Ayn, Monkey, Hamburg, and I all went out to Fire&Ice last night, which was loads of fun. At one point someone suggested we play Age -- there was talk of playing all night last night, but since Hamburg would then have to find a place to crash tomorrow (his hotel runs out) anyways so that he could drive home non-sleep-depped, we decided tonight makes more sense. So we play tonight. We even have 2 copies, since Hamburg keeps his in his trunk in case of spontaneous Age games. (Note: this is a *minimum* 5 hour game with 5 players, and usually takes longer 'cause we stop for food, and people get tired and overly analytical.)

Whee. And there was much sillyness at the restaurant, including while paying, when there weren't enough ones for it to be fair, and Hamburg suggested we should just take the difference out of Ayn and Monkey's opening bids in tonight's game. :) (I guess that's only really funny if you know how to play Age. Oh well.)

This will be a good way to celebrate my last day of work here. Back to classes on Tuesday.

And I have a headache. I hope it goes away before the game, or else I'm going to be a grumpy European power. And that's never a good thing to have.
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job ending stuff...

Well, I didn't manage to work a miracle in my month here, but my bosses didn't expect me to, and are happy with what I've accomplished. I'm not, but that's the drive that keeps me getting anything done.

So they're going to set it up so I can get in here to keep working on things when I have spare time this spring semester (hah!). Which should be good, provided I actually come in and work on things. I was hoping they could set it up so I could telnet/ssh in from campus so that I could work on things when I have a few spare minutes, but that won't work since they can't give me one of the "smart cards" you need to get in through the security. Oh well.

Ow. I have a headache. Staring at computer screen not help headache. I'll go get lunch and see if that helps. Maybe I'll go over to the coffeeshop or the deli and get real food, which is more expensive but, hey, it's my last day.
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ooh! Juggling!

The Flying Karamazov Brothers are coming to Boston! I want to go see them again. (They came to Swat. It was massively cool. They even taught a free how-to-juggle class for students, which was much fun even though my hand-eye coordination is far from sufficient for juggling.)
I should go find out if I can actually get a group together to go. And how much tickets are. *bounce*
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stupid energy vortex

grr. Just lost a promising elven ranger to an energy vortex in the Bigroom. (Nethack, for anyone confused.) 50 Hp to zero in one turn, and there wasn't really a darn thing I could do. It's not like Elbereth works *inside* vortices, and I couldn't kill it in one turn. *Sigh*

I'm back to the point where I can play characters for long enough that's its really annoying to lose them. At least I've got a monk at about this level back on Fractal's server. I really want to ascend a monk, ranger, or wizard next. (Yeah, I know wizards are the easiest of that group, but I'm better at the hack-n-slash characters 'cause I'm too foolhardy.)