January 31st, 2001

periodic table


I really need to stop running on a sleep deficit. I was going to go to bed by ten last night, but I ended up spending time at Dave's instead. (Which was all good, since he's feeling much better now, and we had fun, but it did not involve me getting to bed before 11:15.) I think I'll have to skip Tir Na Nog this week and just get some sleep. Or take a nap after work, but I should clean the kitchen. (It's really, really gross. Welcome to my bachelor pad. Um.)

I walked to work this morning, which was nice, and helped make me feel awake enough to stare at the computer screen. Stupid code takes forever now that it's running properly. Oh well.
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periodic table

classics geeks 'r' us

tee hee. The Swil chat list is discussing what would make a good Iliad in Space. (And Odyssey, and Aeneid.) I've actually read the Iliad in Greek, and learned to appreciate the thing. (I've always loved the Odyssey. The Iliad took a while to grow on me.) It's highly amusing. Current opinion is that Voyager=Odyssey, and I just suggested Titan A.E.=Aeneid. But we haven't come up with any decent siege sci-fi to parallel the Iliad. Closest I could think of was the Fed-Klingon war in the old ST.

Hmm. *giggle*
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