January 30th, 2001

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stupid code.

I wish someone made a perl debugger. One just like the nice Fortran/C debugger I'm used to. Yes, I know, it's Perl. It's supposed to be easy. But I'm lazy, and a debugger would make my life so much easier, especially since just editing the code is a pain since I have to work in a terminal window and can't use any X-apps. Grr. Stupid matrices with dimension -1. Why aren't you plump with data?

"Plump with data" Where in hell did my brain get that one. Time to go get a muffin to wake my brain up.
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periodic table

moving on (geeky)

I just tried to log into my Swat SCCS account with my MIT username. First time I've flipped those that way -- usually I try to log into Athena (MIT) with my sccs username. My fingers have finally determined that they're not living in Swarthmore anymore. Now to work on the rest of me.
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Dangerous Liasons (the movie, that is)

This is a very strange movie. Fractal and I watched it last night, since she bought a copy for Sparta and wanted to see it before she sent it to Sparta. (Sparta has very strange taste in movies. This isn't the first time I've been completely befuddled by one of her favorites.) It's a disturbing movie. At the end, Fractal looked up at me and said "And the moral is?", to which I replied "Don't fall in love", and she said, "Um, I was thinking more like 'Don't screw people over, it'll come back and haunt you'". I think I was in too cynical a mood to be shocked by the ruthlessness, and that kind of bothered me. Oh well. I just shouldn't listen to Sparta's movie recommendations. After all, the girl reads Russian novels incessantly -- by those standards, _Dangerous Liasons_ is optimistic and sunny.

Mainly it meant that I went to bed at 11 rather than 10. Oh well. I'll catch up on more sleep tonight.
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I hate these stupid migraines. Next week, once work is done, I'm going to finally haul my ass to MIT medical and see about going back on the pill. Then at least I can plan them into my schedule, and move them so they don't hit finals week this semester. Bleah. At least it's 4:30, and I can probably get away with leaving work early without my boss noticing. And if he does, I'll explain.
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