January 26th, 2001

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Personality Tests

Grr. I just took that silly goddess personality test, and it irritated me more than personality tests usually do. Usually they just annoy me because I can see what each question is trying to find out, and I get caught between giving a false answer that would direct me towards the personality type I think I am, and answering truthfully but out-of-character. This one just aggravated me because it was out-and-out sexist. (And heterosexist, but I'll ignore that.) When I got to the "what would your preferred career be" question, I wanted to strangle the quiz-writer. Including "nurse or social worker" instead of "doctor", omitting *any* kind of scientific or academic pursuit. (Which would have given me an answer, and would have boosted my Athena score, which was too low.) Damnit, just because I'm going into a profession where the men outnumber the women at least 10 to 1, do I have to get sexist vibes from *women* too? Sigh.
(Results: 25% Aphrodite, 25% Demeter, 16% Athena, 16% Hestia, 8% Artemis, 8% Persephone, 0% Hera.)
Plus, Demeter and Hestia seem to overlap enough that using both of them seems an odd choice. I'd personally rate *myself* 30% each Athena, Aphrodite, and Hestia, and 10% Artemis. But I'd also define the goddesses more classically. (Including the fact that Hera was just a royal bitch-and-a-half, and kinda psycho.)
Lesse, taking the "god" quiz but describing myself... (Okay, now I'm slightly less insulted -- there aren't any scientific/academic professions open for men, except maybe the craftsman/inventor, but I think they're looking at creativity, not science there.) Hmm. I can't get anything reasonable out of this one -- it pegs me as mostly Dionysus and Hades, without Hephaestus or Apollo. Grr. But I just want to be Hephaestus 'cause he made robots. (I'm not kidding. It's in the Iliad. My Homer seminar looked at me a little funny for bouncing up and down at it.)
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Money!!! Feed the starving grad student!

My boss says he's sure he can scare up thesis funding for me. Yay. Even if I am a little sick of programming, I *need* funding, and this will probably be better than most anything else I could get. And it will look good on my resume. :) Which also means he's pleased with what I've gotten done, even if I'm not.

Why do I keep having bosses that speak slowly and have entirely inscrutable faces. I can't tell what they think of me. And I keep wanting to try to give them coffee or something to speed them up.
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...if I can get to the weekend, every thing will work out just fine...

Hmm. I wonder what interesting things I can find to do this weekend -- practically everyone I know will be out of town or busy elsewhere. Maybe I can rustle up a long game, but I haven't heard anything from Ayn, Fractal, or Monkey, and usually long games get planned a little earlier than Friday afternoon. Or maybe Fractal has some better ideas.

(Note to self: I wonder if Hags is back in Cambridge yet -- I really ought to see her more often -- it's not like we don't go to the same school and live a few miles apart. Although she's going to lecture me when she hears I got back together with Dave. She just doesn't get my taste in men. Nor I hers, though, so it's all good.)

Grr. I'm bored and my code is taking forever. There's too many people on this darn server. Go away, silly users.
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