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antimony's Journal
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Tuesday, January 23rd, 2001

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clarity, maybe
I don't know what hit me yesterday -- I got home and *couldn't* stop twitching and pacing and shaking. So I finally had a good idea and pulled out my quilting things and cut little diamonds out of fabric while listening to glam-rock. Which helped, I think. At least I can look at the little pile of cloth and say "see, I did something". At this rate, maybe I'll finish this quilt before I'm 80.

Current Mood: contemplative
stupid computer
I wish I could xlogin to the stupid main machine. Instead, if I want to use MATLAB, I have to ftp all the files every single time. grr... all this to plot some lousy data. I'll go get lunch while I growl, I guess.

Current Mood: frustrated
Chinese food-truck food is hard on stomachs. I don't feel so good now.

Current Mood: nauseated

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