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...strange day...

It started out with me waking up several times in the early morning with nightmares. Nightmares of the kind I usually get when something is really wrong, but nothing is. One of them was about Dave, and I usually only get dreams like that after he and I have a fight, but we didn't have one. (Although that made it easy to ask him for a hug after I had shaken off the initial w.t.f....) The second one wasn't _about_ incest per se, but (like many of my dreams) I knew background information about the people in it that makes it much stranger after I wake up and try to parse both the dream and the background, which in this case involved quasi-incest (step-cousins and stuff).

(Note that I'm not going to detail the dreams -- I don't want to share that much of the escapades of my twisted psyche.)

Now I've gotten a lot of work done, and found out that I didn't miss class on Tues morning, since the prof decided he wasn't braving the snow either. And I've got a while before dance, so I think I might find a corner for a nap. So it's been a good, productive, day, mostly.

I think my subconscious just needs to be slapped.

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