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probably a stupid question, but...

...I know there's a bunch of folks with body jewelry on my friendslist. How the heck do you get captured ball earrings in? Or captured coil ones. I got my second holes redone, and to keep them from closing up this time I got a bunch of things I figured I could sleep in.

Well, except that two of the pairs are actually too small, because I mistook diameter and radius and have a couple of teeny tiny loops smaller around than my ears are thick. But I do have some that fit. Except I can't get them closed once the hoops are in my ears.

Ow. At least these piercings appear to have healed well, since they haven't started bleeding and I've been shoving them around for the past twenty minutes. Right now I've got the captured coil loops in without the coils, just letting them rest.
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