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mystery hunt, also, invitation reminder

Mystery hunt was awesome again. Hopefully the Halibut folks had fun too -- for all that we were just down the hall, I have no idea if you guys had a good hunt. And I got to meet doctorskuld, if only for a drive-by hug.

I also just added a couple of folks from II&F to my friendslist because hey, I know you! If you dislike this, let me know.

Also, we are having two shindigs, and if you can see this, you should come. (Yes, I know this post is not locked. That would be the point.)

First, this Saturday, Jan 23, starting at 6pm -- Rye and Applejack tasting. There will be booze and food; if you want to bring more it will be appreciated but not required.

Then, Sunday, Feb 07, starting at 4pm (kickoff is ~6:30), Superbowl!

If you don't know where we live, ask!

RSVPs would be helpful for correct food quantity determinations.

EDIT: We have two cats. They do go everywhere in the house. Our apologies for those whom this is prohibitive.
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