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even after april / my god there is no excuse for may

e. .e. cummings has always been my favorite poet, ever since I was small, but the one thing I never understood was his obsession with spring.

As I get older, it makes more and more sense with each passing year. Things bloom and things grow and become green and perhaps it just helps that commuting outside means that I no longer get the series of sun-overdose migraines because I get more sunlight earlier.

Our yard is still kind of pathetic, but I am slowly getting the hang of it. Gardening, at least the way I am learning to do it, is a lovely hobby for my ADD brain -- I can flit from one bit to another as things annoy me, and as long as the basic cleanup gets done at the end, it doesn't even matter if I finish some of the tasks. The rhododendrons look better for the deadheading I did; it's not done, but the next time I walk past I'll pull another basket of heads off. I finished trimming the bushes that were trying to jump the fence from the neighbors, which I started last week, and I yanked many weeds out of random locations. There will always be more weeds, but it's quite satisfying to rip them out.

I have tea and pajamas and spent over an hour gardening in the rain and it was glorious.

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