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weekend summary... just another manic monday...

Ack -- there's a lot to say that I didn't get around to typing in this weekend. So here goes the (hopefully!) short version...

Friday evening I had finally gotten over my week-long migraine, and was hyper as a two-year-old who's just drunk her own body-weight in Jolt. It calmed down a little after I took a long walk to the Cambridgeside Mall and failed to buy any of the books or CD's I was looking for. Then I went over to Dave's to hang out before Jupiter and Eva's Vinyl for Valentine's party.
(Let it be said that I love being myself sometimes -- I was curled up at the bus stop waiting for a while, wearing my vinyl under my coat, reading my Astrodynamics textbook, drinking "two vices at once", i.e. coffee-and-whiskey. There are many, many sides to me. I like that...) He's had been pretty depressed, and I was still somewhat hyper, so it was rather odd, but he cheered up and we went over to the party. (We got a very strange look from some random passers-by, since we were both in vinyl and I had my mini-flogger tucked into my bodice.)

Vinyl and Stuff
The party was fabulous, until Dave got sick from drinking too much. It turned into one big pile of people on the futon, and I kept being in sufficient sensory overload to blow several circuit breakers in my head. I spent much of it curled up between Wyndam, Dave, and Werther. T'was very nice, although I wish Dave didn't have an irrational dislike for Werther. Dave was also drunk enough to flirt with absolutely everyone, which was really funny, since I haven't really seen him do that before except a little at Arisia. And he and I got home safe and sound after he felt okay enough to walk home. I don't recommend being tipsy when you have to take care of someone else -- it made me rather nervous, since I didn't feel up to the task, but everything was fine.

Saturday was crazy-mad busy. Seven of us went to see the Flying Karamazov Brothers, which was cool although their show at Swat was better, and then Fractal and I went home to fix food for a dinner party. We spent quite a while clowning around in the kitchen, making jokes that weren't really very funny but we kept laughing hysterically at them. I haven't seen much of Fractal lately, despite the fact that she's my roommate. So we head off to the dinner party at Spike&Jane's apartment, which was a little strange since Fractal, Spike, and Jane were the only ones I knew there, but it was nice. There was a lot of really good food, and genteel conversation over soft music, and stuff. I had to leave before the actual dinner, which was disappointing since the food looked good, but I wanted to make it to Eustacia's movie night before it ended.

You and Me and the Koala

So I got over to Eustacia's, and tried to switch my brain into a bad-movies-and-junk-food track, since it was a very different type of party than the one I'd just left. I curled up at Dave's feet, and then ended up curling up with a stuffed koala and being the odd person out of the assorted cuddle-piles. Which was okay, but a little strange, since I've never really seen Dave cuddle with anyone else. (I've seen him *fool around* with other people, but not quietly cuddling.) It's one thing to know about it, another to see it. But it's all good.

Wish it were Sunday
Dave and I finally manage to pull ourselves to full awakeness just before 1pm, and I had to run away to get Astrodynamics homework done. I got home to find Fractal in a fit of apartment-cleaning frenzy, so, trying to be a good roommate, I joined in. Now everything except our rooms and a tiny bit of the kitchen is reasonably clean. It's a vast improvement -- now I just need to tackle my room. Possibly literally -- the dust bunnies may be approaching sentience at this point. And then we went out for Korean food, at a place in Union Square that looks like a dive, in a square brick building with neon signs, and has wonderful food. Yay, good food and a new cuisine that I didn't know I liked before now. And I got a good night's sleep.

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