antimony (antimony) wrote,

Okay, placeholder post here for me to keep track of places we want to eat because we keep staring at each other going "what should we do tonight, brain" and I'm never around the paper list when I find things.

(Feel free to make suggestions in comments but this is mostly just me talking to myself and using LJ in a not-what-this-was-intended-for way.)

places we haven't been:
Fuloon, in Malden: supposedly good and more-authentic-than-usual chinese.
cafe st. petersburg, newton: russian
machu picchu, union square: peruvian
oleana, inman: middle eastern fancy
koreana, central: korean
four burgers, central: lol burgers
highland kitchen, somerville: upscale whatever
grotto, north end: yeah, it's the raw food place

places we have gone recently:
Habesha, malden: surprisingly good ethiopian in a little hole-in-the-wall

Also, happy anniversary, David. <3 Twelve years is a long time. Long enough that we've forgotten to set up anything interesting to do on our anniversary. :)
Tags: reference, reviews
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