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Dunno why I'm feeling very tired this morning. It's not like I didn't get plenty of sleep last night, and I didn't do anything requiring much energy yesterday.

(I lounged around for the morning, had coop-breakdown in the afternoon, lounged around some more and then went to Dave's to hang out before Tir Na Nog, which we ended up missing since Dave was sleepy and just wanted to cuddle and doze. Which was fun, though I had wanted to go to TNN. Then I went home and did some dishes and went to bed.)

Tonight dance class (at Tech Squares) starts, which should be nifty, since I get to pretend to have a clue, since I took the class last semester and now have a real badge and everything. Spirit may be there, which will mean I'll have someone to chat with between dances who isn't a middle-aged man.
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