antimony (antimony) wrote,

Whee! Food!

Just got back from shopping for the superbowl party. Memo to self: shopping while hungry leads to buying too much cheese, even if you have a grocery list.

I'm making french onion soup, pizza, low-fat apple-spice bundt cake, and sweet potato fries. I bought chips & salsa & guac, as well as crackers and froufrou cheese. And ice cream, and Guiness. And soda & plastic plates.

People are encouraged but not required to bring food.

And they had mylar superbowl balloons at the grocery, so our mailbox will be marked for the few people coming who haven't been here before.

Let me remind everyone: people are welcome to show up anytime after 5. Dave will be picking people up at Somewhere over the Bike path at around 5 -- there's probably room for another two people, so if you need a ride from Somerville, that's the best way. Kickoff is at 6:30 -- people need not like football, but I will be watching both the game and the commercials. :)

We have two cats. We can shut them away if necessary, but we can't fix the fact that there's cat dander on the furniture.

If you need directions, reply to this entry, or check the friends-only entry that I posted today as well. (If you can't see the friends-only entry, then I'm a dork and haven't noticed you have a LJ. That should be fixed!)

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