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you say you want a revolution...

Best parts of the Matrix Revolutions:

1. Keanu Reeves is still hot.

2. There was this trailer -- it started with something about a queen in ancient times and betrayal. Dave said "Cleopatra?". Then it panned to a ship, and my brain went *oh dear me, they aren't, are they?*. And then it panned back to show a few more ships, and I knew. And then it panned back further, and there were a thousand ships on the water. So I spent the rest of the movie wondering how they're going to interpret it. And being amused that after they flashed the cast list, I matched up the only names I recognized without them saying who was who. (Brad Pitt = Achilles, which was obvious with the top billing. But I did call Orlando Bloom as Paris, 'cause Paris has to be pretty. Dude.) I just hope they make it more about Achilles's honor than any junk about loving Briseis.

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