antimony (antimony) wrote,

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scallions & dulce de leche

I really wonder what the checkout girl thought about someone buying a bunch of scallions and two pints of dulce de leche ice cream. Heh.

(In other news, if the pie turns out okay -- I've never made an honest-to-goodness fruit pie -- there will be scallion pancakes and spiced peach pie with ice cream at potluck. Yay. Hopefully someone coming will make main-dish food, since I've got appetizer and dessert. Hee.)

I need more excuses to bake -- while I'm confident in my ability to bake things, I don't have a list of tried-and-true recipes that I can make in my sleep, and I want one. But dphilli1 doesn't like sweets. Oh boo hiss. So I'll inflict them on potluck.
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