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our cats are morons!

Okay, so one of our cats goes beyond general kitty foolishness to abject stupidity. See, we feed them right before we go to bed, as they are round enough as-is, and the diet food made them puke. (Which did make them less round, but was suboptimal.) So we get home tonight (after a lovely evening on the town, complete with dessert at Finale), and dphilli1 feeds them. Tigger sees this, and goes and gorges herself. Salem fails to notice, however, and comes over to my desk chair and starts whining and batting at me. And doesn't stop until I walk downstairs to the food bowls and point out the food to her. (I usually feed them, and I'm less likely to ignore them when they're whining than Dave is, so they don't whine at him.) Gah. She's sweet, but dumber than dumb dirt. [c.f. Catullus Carmina 22]

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