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in search of a quick-twitch muscle fiber

Gah, do my hamstrings hurt. Can I have a new pair? Along with a new left Achilles tendon? (Yes, sadly enough, my achilles heel is...) See, I've never been speedy at anything athletic, so I'm trying to change my muscle composition the hard way -- by making it really, really sore. I do wonder what my quick-twitch/slow-twitch percentages are, but not enough to get a medical professional to analyze tissue samples, which is really the only way to do so.

For those I haven't mentioned it to, this journal will probably turn into the "watch Antimony complain about sore muscles" space for the next few months. I'm theoretically training for a half-ironman triathlon (1.2mi swim, 56mi bike, 13.1mi run), so that I can prove I can do it, and keep up with a certain overly-athletic someone.

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