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Half-Price Butter

$64 dollars of butter, powdered sugar, and nuts. And food coloring. And that was with the butter at half-price. (I was going to splurge and use organic butter, but it's one thing to spend 40cents more for it -- and another to spend $2.40 more. So my baking will only have organic flour. Oh well.) It's Christmas-cookie time! (Or, at least it will be when the butter softens.)

Mmm, cookies. Tonight or tomorrow I must purchase cookie cutters and stamps, because it's kinda boring to cut sugar cookies and speculatus with just a biscuit cutter.

As a random aside, the folk radio station was playing a bluegrassy-country-type song as I went home. This is fairly normal. The song was in French. This is *not* normal. French with a drawl is hysterical. And it sounded like a native speaker of french (and I couldn't understand a word, except "allons!", since it's been too long since I studied french). Maybe one of those wacky French Canadians, because it was both too American to be French, and too French to be American. Shrug.

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