antimony (antimony) wrote,

money=good, chocolate=good, people=good, cancelled classes=bad

I got my stipend check for this semester, so my savings account balance just increased over 1000-fold. And I had a brownie for lunch, which is bad for my health but good for my psyche, and ran into Hags in the computer lab. (Which was a little odd, since I haven't seen her in a while. After I used Dave's name twice in as many sentences, she asked if we were back together, and I had to give her the whole story in 5 minutes or less. She didn't appear to be mad at me, which was good, since she was one of the people to whom I bitched about things going wrong with Dave a little too much and she didn't really think I should still be talking to him. I think I managed to convince her that it's really a good thing, though.)

The only bad thing is that one of the classes I was really looking forward to has been cancelled -- Dynamics of Controlled Structures. It's supposedly going to be offered next spring, so I could take it then, but a) I was really hoping to take it now, and b) I have other things I really ought to take next spring, which aren't offered now, and I won't want to have a heavy load then because I'll be writing my thesis. Oh well. I could talk to the prof about doing it as a directed reading, but I think I'd rather just take a different course.

(My current schedule: Spacecraft Dynamics and Control, Astrodynamics II, and Stochastic Estimation and Control (the new class to replace Dyn.Sys&Cont.) The biggest problem with this schedule is that they're *all* Tues/Thurs, which will be a *brutal* set of lectures to sit through, even if they're all very good. Though it means every weekend will be a long weekend, which might be fun, or it might just be unproductive.)

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