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just another not-very-manic monday...

Bleah. I hate having migraines. I've had one for three days running, and while thankfully this one has responded well to reasonable doses of ibuprofen, getting rid of the head-pain doesn't get rid of the side effects or the need for 11+ hours of sleep per night. But at least it gives me the momentum to actually go to MIT medical and find out how to get an appointment (since migraines=PMS, a fact which I'm sure y'all wanted to know).

At least it didn't spoil my weekend, which was a huge amount of fun.

Dominating the World . . . . . Priceless

Friday night Age of Ren went until almost 6am, with Hamburg winning (as usual), and me in *second*, and I learned a lot about how to do well in Age. Which is good, since it's one of the few long strategy games that I really think I'm pretty good at, although I have trouble being ruthless enough. I was also in a really punchy/silly mood, and was cracking jokes for the entire evening, some of which were even funny. ("This is the rock upon which you will build your church... tomorrow".) And I successfully used the Wind/Watermill civ advance, which was just all kinds of cool. And will probably be talked about for a while. Whee!

Wings and Things

Then Dave and I spent Saturday together and went to a chicken food and _Chicken Run_ party at SBJW's. It's a highly cute movie, and it was fun to hang out with cats and small children and people who are in different parts of life than I am. (Not that there's anything wrong with hanging out with young geek professionals and students...) Dave and I also had a chance to work through a few more things, and it was very good. I flipped out a little at a random comment of his, which wasn't so good, but I managed to get my emotions under control and not snap at him. We were both a little too tense, but it turned out all right.

Multi-tasking and a Playstation

On Sunday, I hung out at Wyndam's and played a lot of Final Fantasy VIII, which was, as expected, a great deal of fun. :) And Dave found someone to hang out with in the meantime, so I didn't have to spend the entire time worrying about whether or not he was really okay with me being there, and could just relax and enjoy myself.

*yawn* I should get back to running errands before I have to meet with my advisor to verify my class schedule. Classes start tomorrow -- I hope I like them, since I really have to do better this semester than last, and I really want to enjoy it.

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