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IFComp 2019: group 1

Well, the first batch coming out of the shuffle is Very IFComp. One short-cute parser puzzler, one Dramatic Web Game About Dark Subjects, and an old-school puzzler in a format I'm not sure I can play. In we go!

Reviews/Spoilers for Extreme Omnivore, The Mysterious Stories of Caroline, and Treasure Hunt in the AmazonCollapse )

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another year, another IFComp

Do I post about anything in my actual life? Not really. But I'm going to try to judge IFComp again. There are 82 entries this year; I'm hoping to get to more than the minimum 5 for judging, but there's no way I'm playing them all.

I'll be going via the comp site's personal shuffle order, skipping games I can't play on my antiquated mac laptop, and making exceptions if I only have a short window to play, when I will scan down the shuffle looking for the first 15-minute game on my list.

As I've done in the past, I'm planning to keep my reviews more about the positives of games/be constructive, and I will often be writing up notes a while after playing, if I was playing from my phone on the bus etc, so they may be quite vague. Sorry, authors, who were hoping for something in-depth; there's 82 games and I'm going for quantity over review quality.

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It is that time of year when the Interactive Fiction Competition and the Coffeeneuring Challenge start, and I remember that I have blogs and despair of ever catching up on posts I meant to write.

Oh well. Time for some text adventures. I started with just a few minutes to dip my toes in, so I went scrolling through my personal sort for some short games...

But FIRST A PSA: the Interactive Fiction Competition could use judges! There are about 80 games, with little cover-art and synopses available, and a bunch of metadata (expected playtime, is this parser (type commands) or one of the newer web formats, although almost all the parser games are also available in a web interface, content warnings, etc.) Judges must play 5 to judge, and you play until you are done with the game (either by finishing it or being 100% DONE WITH IT, which happens) or you have spent two hours, at which point you record your rating and move on. So a max of ten hours to judge 5 games, but most of them are shorter than two hours. They're a mix of short heartfelt emotive pieces, one-room puzzlers, usually a healthy helping of cyberpunk dystopias (in the current political climate I don't know whether I should expect more or less of these...), classic dungeon crawlers, etc. Try a game!

Okay, so my first few games.

Dream Pieces 2, I Should Have Been That I Am, Bi LinesCollapse )

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kitty: doing better than she was

So I mentioned on FB, but not here, that Salem had a stroke on Friday; she's getting better, slowly; not sure if she'll ever be 100% back but she's now happy to cuddle on the couch and can get herself between a soft blanket on the floor and her food/water.

And then I was surfing elsewhere and came across this post generator meme and it told me to blog about:

i love my cat even though she smells like pee and i know she doesnt blog about flesh


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oh, internet

Ugh, why does searching for recipes bring up so many freaky patriarchal-devotional-mommy-wifey blogs? (And why do they have to have actually good recipes but if I made them the creep might wear off on me.

Ew. But I do think I know what I'm making for the work dessert potluck that is a) simple to make with one hand bandaged, b) fits in a 9x13 because I have a carrying bag for 9x13s that is easy to take on the T and c) actually tastes good and is not a repeat of what other people are bringing (i.e. not chocolate), at least not the last time I checked.

(The answer: key lime bars, since the internet (wifey blogs and big corporate food entities agree!) says that you can, in fact, put a standard key lime pie recipe in a 9x13 pan and end up with key lime bars that you can cut and serve in a reasonable fashion. The hardest part will be separating the eggs. I was originally going to do lemon pound cake, because it's super-simple, but I'd have to carry it and that's a pain.)

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